Sunday, April 4, 2010

Locktact Pedal Lock

Still using STOPLOCK?

Sometimes for short while, such as going to the night market who would wanna lock their car?

Just look at the big thing there, where on earth do you want to put it if you are not using it .

And also , in some stoplock especially those selling for Rm 2xx you might realise some scratches at your steering if yours is the wooden type, due to the material used inside the lock.

Solution is here :)

Been in the market for some time.

Easy to use, and also engine cannot be started under locked condition because of the Y-socket.

No worries about warranty wise as there will be no cutting of wires, all using original socket.

Comes in both double lock or single lock :)

Two types available, local and also thailand lock. In my opinion, nowadays, local lock is more worth buying it as it is exactly the same design and even key design is the same.

Many cars model available especially Toyota, Honda , Perodua , Proton, and Nissan.

ATTENTION : Since we keep lots of stock and we are specialist in this lock, we are able to modified even if they dont produce .

cars we have modified for includes, Toyota Aristos , Lancer GT , Nissan C22 , Rav 4 and etc.

p.s BMW and Mercs cannot be modified :)

Blue box is the local lock.. Ready stock for most car.

Location for installation would be Klang.

call 012 7107917 for more information and pricing.

*simple to use*
* engine cannot be started under lock condition *
* 3 years warranty *
* original car warranty wont be voided *
* almost the same price as Stoplock *
* 2.4 push start Camry cannot fix the Y socket *
* those using auto start cannot start when locked *
Overall review ; I've been selling and installing this lock for years and I dare say the number of claim for warranty is '0'. NONE came back. Simple to use, you wont even feel lazy to lock and most importantly, it is almost the same price as Stoplock, than why not go for this?