Monday, May 3, 2010

Steelmate Active Subwoofer

Steelmate Active Subwoofer

( under Pro Ice Warranty )

Key features:

Max output power: 160W

R.M.S.: 80W

69mm Die-Cast Aluminum sealed box, great for under car seat installation

Phase switch: 0/180

8" woofer

50Hz ~100Hz

RCA and speaker level input

Thermal protection

Overload protection

Short circuit protection

An example of the active subwoofer being installed under a car seat, really good for those planning not to waste their space behind their boot.


* saves place*

*dont need to have the hassle of wiring *

* economical, and easy to install*


* got to be at the front seat if the driver wants to enjoy it *

* to be frank, if install in front seat, it is good for the front two passenger *

Overall review :

If you just want to listen to some extra bass , not like those " boom boom boom " type, just for pleasure listening than I am sure that this woofer is definitely suitable for you :) Value for money i would say :)