Tuesday, July 31, 2012

naka short update

Oops,been a little busy recently . real sorry.. many good news to share out. especially alpine new double din technology

what's so good? just share one point first, gotta find another day to blog more about it

comes with mirror link technology, aka transfer everything in ur phone screen to the double din. even contact picture would appear in your screen

type your sms on ur screen, and use ur phone gps, and u can touch it on your screen, no need buy optional GPS module, which cost a few hundred..

wanna know more? stay tune... definitely one level ahead of other major brands

So, as shared in facebook earlier this afternoon

5 sets of Nakamichi Bluetooth headunit supported just arrived at our place

and there is a changes in prices, cheaper these days to be exact

usb supported hu from only Rm 3xx

component ( new model haven arrive ) from rm 2xx

and many more

owner came to our place last time to get the then hot selling alpine cde 121..

now come to get the hu upgraded to this naka hu, with customize variable display colour, and with 5v rca output and most importantly bluetooth supported hu, to asnwer call :)

superb component set for the price of Rm 3xx.. feel free to drop by for a demo..

this model allows you to change the colour of the display 

just a short update, so not wanting to blog too long, as most of u tat is reading this blog is our fb friend , so we are sure.. many of you would have notice how many Naka hu we have been selling these days

and how serious are we in selling this Nakamichi brand?

even decided to put it onto our new signboard :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

sorry for the delay

oops, real sorry for disappointing those who have been keeping yourself updated with our blog

wanted to blog while we are at our trip, but too bad, we can't log in blogger over there at China.

would update our china trip asap ;)

a little busy recently. with what?

stocks are in, in volumesss , ready to go all out till the end of raya.. attractive prices we believe, for double dins ( branded one's of course ) , alpine speakers and nakamichi component sets

after sourcing high and low, we managed to get in what we believe would be the really last batch of the hot selling type j coaxial , * new model is out * at a slightly higher price..

we do not want to compare our self with others out there, cause we believe each and everyone have their own stuff they are good in, and we never once position our self as an audio specialist . but entry level type :)

and those who have bought the alpine type j coaxial, we believe would agree that for the price range of 2xx.. its one of the best choice :)

anyway , just a quick update.. gotta prepare the price list of the coming soon raya sale

how low you asked?

stay tune.

but if one is really too impatient , can always call us up 012 710 7917

Sunday, July 8, 2012


:) one short update before we leave

so we were talking about MBQ under seat active sub

what do we think about it?

from a business point of view, no doubt MBQ would be the best choice to sell due to market demand, we were never once a fan of this particular brand of active sub , but we often have customer requesting us to bring it in ( those who have been actively following our fb ) would have know that we sold off few sets of it last month.

We really wonder why so many people are into this brand.. famous perhaps?

Of course, there are famous brand too producing active sub, not mentioning the higher range price from Pioneer , we even have Steelmate, which in our opinion is by far one of the best active sub ( slightly ex only, not too much ) but the only setback would be Steelmate doesn't comes with remote.

In short, what we feel about MBQ? The pro's of it would be because it comes with a cute looking remote to adjust the power of bass, mid power bass , not too strong nor too weak .

our rating for value for money? we would give it a 7 / 10 if one is paying around Rm 4xx for it :)

And recent "poison" as you guys called it would be the all new OEM Toyota headunit from Kenwood . would blog about it in detail in hopefully ASAP :)

but one thing is for sure, this is definitely a hot selling model with very limited units in the market , even we ourselves is having a hard time to get a unit from our supplier...

and some supplier is even taking this opportunity to increase the price of this headunit.

and we say oem plug and play, means no cutting of wires, steering control can use back.. and the size fits all Toyota car perfectly

stay tune for more updates :)

p.s if we can't log in our fb account when we are over at china, we would definitely find some time to update our blog here, so that you guys too can have a 'live update' on our trip :)

Friday, July 6, 2012


Ooops, sorry for the long delay on the update, was suppose to update about what we think about the much sought after MBQ under seat active sub ..

But pardon us, as we are a little busy these days, preparing for our CHINA trip starting next Monday ( 9th ) till Friday ( 13th )

So do remember to ask them to drop by after the 13th :) if u happen to know anyone that plans to drop by next week.

Just a short update on what is here, other than the hot selling oem Toyota double din from Toyota

this is what arrived today :)

as stated in the box, made in New Zealand and guess what?

they really have faith in their product, giving it a 5 years warranty over there, but of course we wont be having the same 5 years warranty over here :)

yup, the led inside is slightly angled @ 15 degree, suitable especially for those that complain about their car being slightly 'senget' for the place they fit their drl :)

would update the color output of this drl some other day , when we are in China :)

ok, enough of formal talk, lets get a little more casual here..

not sure if proxy or hidemyass would be able to allow us to log in our facebook account while we are over at Guangzhou , China. cause as we all know, facebook is banned in the country cause they have their own social networking site.

anyone of you manage to log in before? mind sharing how? much appreciated

would really like to share our experience over there, really looking forward for it, not sure how would that place look like :)

haven even book our hotel haha

would be the second time visiting China, but those days were for sight-seeing and was in a tour group with my ex company :)

and was during the winter season.. so niceeeeeee.. miss those days..

* oops looks like this blog is getting a little too personal isn't it?

* one pic would do haha

but yea, do make sure to keep yourself updated with our blog especially next week, would definitely update with photo's while we are there..

so calling it a day here, remember

we would be away starting next Monday till next friday