Saturday, June 16, 2012

a busy saturday

Oops, have been a little busy recently, did not manage to update our blog.

So how was your saturday?

Ours? A busy day today :)

shots taken today :)

That is one of the reason why we prefer customer to call us before dropping by :)

* notice the elantra in the second pic? owner actually lost his way finding for our workshop and gave up. and randomly walk into our shop just because he saw the Yuma banner . ( it is only till when we asked him is he a forum-er only did he realise that this is the shop he have been searching for XD )

So what have we been doing today?

Elantra's been doing coil mat :) as usual

this is what we meant when we say custom made, 

1) using our own measurement

2) notice the rear we make it into 2 piece instead of 3 so that it looks neater

other than that was a few Myvi's doing some minor lightings. Might be minor , but the bill isnt' small amount as products of Philips were used. would upload a whole post of it tomorrow not to mix things up

Anyway also manage to convince a walk in customer who came looking for CHEAP TWEETERS , thats what he ask for when he first step in

But at the end?

He changed his car plate first , than add drl , and only we told him frankly, don't waste money on cheap tweeters as it would not sound any better.. considering the ride of a saga blm with no front speakers..

Ended up going for a very very very budget 2 way coaxial.. at least it's better than those tweeters

what else can we ask for , 2 way coaxial only       
Rm 1xx

How the drl looks like when it is not turned on

After changing to R3 frame and crystal font plus drl in action

rear also using R3 frame and the crystal plate number

(click on picture, to view full pic )
on customer request, switch for drl

those who have been to our place would know, we don't really like installing a switch for drl's

but no doubt, we quite like this switch as the switch light would light up if we on the drl

another random shot of the Saga's we did today :)

would stop here...

what's coming up in our next post?

all about lightings . Philips to be exact

so do keep yourself updated with our blog for more personal thought and view from us ;)

it's an informal way of how we express our thoughts.

one thing that passes through our mind today when we were selling all those bulbs

" everything is about marketing and packaging ".

would definitely blog about it tomorrow. an interesting phrase isn't it?

What say you?

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