Sunday, June 3, 2012

an 'informal' introduction

It's been ages since this blog was created

Back than, thought of using this blog as a marketing tool , but at the end, decided to call it off due to the fact that it isn't really user friendly for potential buyers.

So? This blog was left rotten for ages..

And thought of continue blogging again, just to keep our potential customers, and also friends know what are we up too recently, no doubt, LYN and Facebook would still be our main communication method for promo's new product and etc.

Just blogging would be a more "informal" method of expressing our thoughts and perhaps some personal opinion on our products , as we can see in the older post where we would state both pro's and con's of a product and our overall review.

Those that are eagerly waiting to see what else are we bringing in can also keep yourself updated with our blog to know what's coming up..

As stated earlier, this blog was created back than when Sh@rty 5 used to be like many other's studying in college, just wanting to earn some extra income XD

Therefore as we can see in the blog header, the word VISION and the white BMW  hehe, nope , not to say that the VISION was achieve, but we always believe, it's only a matter of time..

And would really like to thank those who have supported us from the very beginning, who are we today if it wasn't the trust and support we receive from all our customers..

Enough of story, so let's get things started..

Those who have been following us would have know that we used to be selling Alpine and coil mat ( our main business in the online business ) and recently , due to market demand, we have also manage to bring in original Pioneer Malaysia headunit at a very attractive price , Philips aftermarket bulbs, and our latest product would be the STP soundproofing material..

Do keep yourself updated with our facebook account for more new products coming in ..

Hmm, any suggestion? We will definitely try our best to see if we are capable of offering the product at a competitive price..

Just keep this first posting short..

And this is the latest thing we have to offer..

Selling this 8 slim daylight for only Rm 23.90 nett

and this 6 L shape daylight for only Rm 29.90 nett

Would try our very best to keep this blog updated

but i wonder how many people still read blogs these days..

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  1. I'm reading.
    Interesting blog. Keep it up...

    Will pay a visit to ur shop.