Monday, June 4, 2012

productive day

So they say , Monday blues.

How was your monday?


A quiet business day, but nevertheless a very productive day.


First, our demo audio set is finally here, and its half way done, would just have to wait for the new headunit to arrive and get the wiring's done..

What's so special about this new HU? would talk about it in the later part of this post

 the arrival of the rack, ready to get the speakers to fit in..

opt for this finishing instead of the glossy type due to budget constrain :(

getting the rack done with wheels. so we can boom boom pow it outside our shop?

haha, nope, just to make it higher, you know our malaysia wheather, when rain heavily, banjir happens.. sigh

would update more regarding the system we are using for our demo rack..

nope, ntg really high end, as we are catering more towards the mid end market :)
one side naka, one side alpine :)

more pics and update tomorrow

Second , rumours have it that Alpine have already discontinue the hot selling alpine type j coaxial which we have been selling all the while..

A very last minute notice we was given, so could only manage to get the last 10 sets :(

And we are still trying to get the latest update from our supplier regarding this issue

and as we can see in the picture, new model of Type J which cost slightly more

and after considering , we've decided to bring in a higher end model of coaxial for those want something slightly better than type j with the budget of 3xx

The all new Type G coaxial.. ( would find a time to update about all this new product asap )

* stress level increasing, gotta clear off some ASAP cause gotta pay supplier end of the month.. omg...

we gotta get it in volume, so that we are able to offer potential customer's the most competitive price in the market

and do take note all our alpine products are original under local distributor Wo Kee Hong

and not forgetting Pioneer hu, which we have been bringing in recently due to market demand..

Last but not least 

We are currently in the process of bringing in TEAC car audio product , not a famous brand yet here in Malaysia, but doing google about this brand would let you know that this is an audio brand from JAPAN with much company history

Just to show how much confidence we have in this brand, we are proud to say that we would be using this headunit as our audio demo set :)

Negotiation process is still going on, and hopefully we are able to bring more good news soon..

A rough idea on the prices for the speakers, it's really affordable, don't expect sounds quality like Alpine , but do expect Satisfaction you get for the price you are paying.. More details would be revealed hopefully by the end of this month

But at the mean time, potential buyers can drop by our place to check out this great HU , which supports DVD, and can even add a reverse camera for it.. saw the mini screen beside it?

And how much would this cost you ask?

Introductory price of only Rm 499 nett. no joke, you saw it rite, Rm 499 nett  with 1 year warranty.

And we want to stress again that this isn't a cap ayam brand or china brand...

Drop by to test it out yourself .

And those reading our blog, do take note that the coil mat would have a slight price increase starting the 15th this month :)

so do help to spread the news around

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