Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Philips ? PIAA?

In our earlier post we did mention that this post would be about some minor ligthings that we have done on a Myvi this week.

So here it is..

Another return customer that came to get his headlight bulb change to Philips Crystal Vision , the color output not that accurate due to the fact that picture was taken in the noon, but those from our fb can definitely find a night view picture of it in our album....

Comparing the headlamp with the stock yellow light, than we could see the difference

A not so whitish color output, which in our opinion would not get yourself in trouble with the law enforcement, but again, in our country, "you know why" , anything is possible to happen..

Second Myvi 

A Myvi lagi best owner that came to get both the headlamp and fog light changed to Philips Diamond Vision 5000 k

Total cost? A whopping Rm 5xx just for 2 sets of bulb.

But of course we are talking about quality products, so one should not compare this with typical china made HID which cost only Rm1xx per set :)

Really like the color output for both Crystal Vision and Diamond vision.

So the most frequently asked question would be. What's the difference?

* The main difference other than price would be, Crystal Vision would be more yellowish white, which produces a more oem like output 4300k, comparing to Diamond Vision which produces a more blue-ish white output

even tested how a Philips 4 daytime running light would look on a Myvi Lagi Best

how it looks like, without the lights on, can see the crystal surface

People always complain that drl these days doesn't last long, isn't bright, isn't water resistant..

But the fact is that we do have quality daytime running light , with 1 year warranty , the question is, how many of us are willing to spend a few hundred just for a daylight?

* expecting owner to come back next month to get this installed..

Third myvi

perhaps one of the most noticeable trend in the market these days.. using the yellowish gold as the foglight bulb

using Wurth brand from Germany

not a cheap product, but yet when we quoted customer RM 1xx , even we ourself feels that it is a little overprice. not because it isn't good, perhaps its because of the 2 cheapo packing they use for each bulb

without any proper fully packed and label packing..

that's the reason why we say in our earlier post, everything is about Marketing and Packaging. As cruel as it might sound, perhaps this is the reality we have today :)
* just a personal thought *

ilwe think that this PIAA brand needs no further introduction to all you car enthusiast out there? still trying our best to make it available at our place.. do keep yourself updated with our fb for more update..

it's no easy task getting the rights to sell this brand, require lots of work, commitment , and not mentioning cash = sales ... But we would definitely try our best to get it available...

calling it a day for this post..
next post would be about another Myvi too haha

just some minor head unit installation we just did today

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