Tuesday, July 31, 2012

naka short update

Oops,been a little busy recently . real sorry.. many good news to share out. especially alpine new double din technology

what's so good? just share one point first, gotta find another day to blog more about it

comes with mirror link technology, aka transfer everything in ur phone screen to the double din. even contact picture would appear in your screen

type your sms on ur screen, and use ur phone gps, and u can touch it on your screen, no need buy optional GPS module, which cost a few hundred..

wanna know more? stay tune... definitely one level ahead of other major brands

So, as shared in facebook earlier this afternoon

5 sets of Nakamichi Bluetooth headunit supported just arrived at our place

and there is a changes in prices, cheaper these days to be exact

usb supported hu from only Rm 3xx

component ( new model haven arrive ) from rm 2xx

and many more

owner came to our place last time to get the then hot selling alpine cde 121..

now come to get the hu upgraded to this naka hu, with customize variable display colour, and with 5v rca output and most importantly bluetooth supported hu, to asnwer call :)

superb component set for the price of Rm 3xx.. feel free to drop by for a demo..

this model allows you to change the colour of the display 

just a short update, so not wanting to blog too long, as most of u tat is reading this blog is our fb friend , so we are sure.. many of you would have notice how many Naka hu we have been selling these days

and how serious are we in selling this Nakamichi brand?

even decided to put it onto our new signboard :)

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