Sunday, July 8, 2012


:) one short update before we leave

so we were talking about MBQ under seat active sub

what do we think about it?

from a business point of view, no doubt MBQ would be the best choice to sell due to market demand, we were never once a fan of this particular brand of active sub , but we often have customer requesting us to bring it in ( those who have been actively following our fb ) would have know that we sold off few sets of it last month.

We really wonder why so many people are into this brand.. famous perhaps?

Of course, there are famous brand too producing active sub, not mentioning the higher range price from Pioneer , we even have Steelmate, which in our opinion is by far one of the best active sub ( slightly ex only, not too much ) but the only setback would be Steelmate doesn't comes with remote.

In short, what we feel about MBQ? The pro's of it would be because it comes with a cute looking remote to adjust the power of bass, mid power bass , not too strong nor too weak .

our rating for value for money? we would give it a 7 / 10 if one is paying around Rm 4xx for it :)

And recent "poison" as you guys called it would be the all new OEM Toyota headunit from Kenwood . would blog about it in detail in hopefully ASAP :)

but one thing is for sure, this is definitely a hot selling model with very limited units in the market , even we ourselves is having a hard time to get a unit from our supplier...

and some supplier is even taking this opportunity to increase the price of this headunit.

and we say oem plug and play, means no cutting of wires, steering control can use back.. and the size fits all Toyota car perfectly

stay tune for more updates :)

p.s if we can't log in our fb account when we are over at china, we would definitely find some time to update our blog here, so that you guys too can have a 'live update' on our trip :)

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