Friday, July 6, 2012


Ooops, sorry for the long delay on the update, was suppose to update about what we think about the much sought after MBQ under seat active sub ..

But pardon us, as we are a little busy these days, preparing for our CHINA trip starting next Monday ( 9th ) till Friday ( 13th )

So do remember to ask them to drop by after the 13th :) if u happen to know anyone that plans to drop by next week.

Just a short update on what is here, other than the hot selling oem Toyota double din from Toyota

this is what arrived today :)

as stated in the box, made in New Zealand and guess what?

they really have faith in their product, giving it a 5 years warranty over there, but of course we wont be having the same 5 years warranty over here :)

yup, the led inside is slightly angled @ 15 degree, suitable especially for those that complain about their car being slightly 'senget' for the place they fit their drl :)

would update the color output of this drl some other day , when we are in China :)

ok, enough of formal talk, lets get a little more casual here..

not sure if proxy or hidemyass would be able to allow us to log in our facebook account while we are over at Guangzhou , China. cause as we all know, facebook is banned in the country cause they have their own social networking site.

anyone of you manage to log in before? mind sharing how? much appreciated

would really like to share our experience over there, really looking forward for it, not sure how would that place look like :)

haven even book our hotel haha

would be the second time visiting China, but those days were for sight-seeing and was in a tour group with my ex company :)

and was during the winter season.. so niceeeeeee.. miss those days..

* oops looks like this blog is getting a little too personal isn't it?

* one pic would do haha

but yea, do make sure to keep yourself updated with our blog especially next week, would definitely update with photo's while we are there..

so calling it a day here, remember

we would be away starting next Monday till next friday

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