Friday, July 20, 2012

sorry for the delay

oops, real sorry for disappointing those who have been keeping yourself updated with our blog

wanted to blog while we are at our trip, but too bad, we can't log in blogger over there at China.

would update our china trip asap ;)

a little busy recently. with what?

stocks are in, in volumesss , ready to go all out till the end of raya.. attractive prices we believe, for double dins ( branded one's of course ) , alpine speakers and nakamichi component sets

after sourcing high and low, we managed to get in what we believe would be the really last batch of the hot selling type j coaxial , * new model is out * at a slightly higher price..

we do not want to compare our self with others out there, cause we believe each and everyone have their own stuff they are good in, and we never once position our self as an audio specialist . but entry level type :)

and those who have bought the alpine type j coaxial, we believe would agree that for the price range of 2xx.. its one of the best choice :)

anyway , just a quick update.. gotta prepare the price list of the coming soon raya sale

how low you asked?

stay tune.

but if one is really too impatient , can always call us up 012 710 7917

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